Advent Beat Tape

January 25, 2013 in Music

In December my friend Bix and I were drinking egg nog while wearing festive vests and decided that we wanted to give the world a Christmas gift together in the form of the Advent beat tape. The concept was simple: use only holiday-themed samples to make 25 beats and release the project in time for St. Nick to listen to while he ate your mother’s cookies. We each made 12 beats, I did the scratches, we arranged and mixed it together in my studio and then to cap it all off I had some friends (Denis Kierans [vocals], Hilary Kitz [vocals], Willis Klein [guitar] and DJ Cosmo [scratches]) join me [on drums] in creating the last track without any samples at all.

This project was available for download until mid-way through January, but I find that I still enjoy listening to it outside of the season that comes but once a year so it made sense to share this once again. Ho ho ho.