Apt – “Old Tricks”

June 11, 2013 in Music

It’s been a quite a while since I released an album of my own material, but that doesn’t mean I’ve simply been sitting around for the past 5+ years… A friend of mine by the name of Muneshine recently heard a bunch of older beats and instrumental pieces that I had created in the vicinity of 2007.
After sharing these old things, I realized that it was really stupid that they were just sitting around on a nearly worn-out external hard drive. Our mutual suggestion: release these sounds into the world. This is exactly what “Old Tricks” is about. Some of these are pretty standard rap beats while others are instrumental sample-based compositions in varying stages of completion and development. The bottom line is that none of these things have been altered in any way since they were “mastered” years ago with a single limiter strapped across the stereo buss.  There are also lots of dialogue clips about dogs. If you like dogs or music, you’ll like this. If you don’t like those things, what’s wrong with you?