Carlo Meriano – Sad/Happy Demos

April 30, 2013 in Family

Five years ago my friend Devin Atherton introduced me to someone named Carlo Meriano. After hearing some fairly rough recordings I had made with Denis Kierans, Jennica Lounsbury, Dan Wendt and Eamonn Slattery (as Oh Dinah) over the course of a cold Halifax winter week, Devin felt that it was imperative for me to team up with Carlo to track some of his material.

At the time, my recording set-up consisted of an old battered Dell tower, a Tascam digital recorder that I had acquired through a trade with Ghettosocks in exchange for a bad-ass subwoofer before moving to Toronto. This allowed me to have up to 4 tracks simulateously. Carlo sat on a chair in my then bedroom  singing and playing his guitar while I sat in a nook on the other side of the bedroom. Bathurst Street. The wiring ran through a central air heating duct that connected the spaces. Perfect. Carlo played each song twice and I set up microphones to the best of my ability at the time in order to capture his performances.

These songs are the result of this scenario and represent the beginning of what has been a great creative partnership. I hope you enjoy. A few of these songs have been recorded since for other projects with more elaborate production and greater intentions. These were intended as demos, but mean a lot more to me than that.